1.-RUTA VERDE HOUSE & TOURS, with address at: Tambor de Alajuela, 400 meters north of the Hotel Villa San Ignacio, hereinafter identified as the Responsible for the processing of your personal data and the information collected from you as Holder of We allow you to inform you of the following: This PRIVACY NOTICE and the information requested is based on the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States article 16 section II and the Federal Law on Personal Data Held by Private Parties (LFPDPPP) articles: 3, 8, 15 , 16, 25, 28, 28, 36. The indication of the aforementioned articles does not exclude the total content of the aforementioned Law and its Regulations.


2.- PERSONAL DATA: The personal data that are collected and whose veracity you are the Responsible Holder, are the following: full name with surname, nationality, gender, contact phone number, email, Federal Taxpayers Registry, date of birth, name of the company in your case, full address, payment method or bank card number, billing information.


3.- SENSITIVE PERSONAL DATA: We inform you that if you require information regarding personal data considered sensitive according to the (LFPDPPP) we will let you know in order to provide us with such information, which will refer only and exclusively to disabilities or medical requirements , the above to be able to offer you a better service. In the event that such information is not requested by us and you need to provide it for special requirements, we thank you to let us know by email at the following address:, information that we will request will be ratified in writing at the time of check-in or registration or by electronic signature by provision of the (LFPDPPP).


4.-OF OBTAINING PERSONAL DATA AND IN YOUR CASE SENSITIVE PERSONAL DATA ACCORDING TO THE FOLLOWING: RUTA VERDE HOUSE & TOURS may obtain personal data and, where appropriate, sensitive data: a.- Personally when you provide this information to our employees responsible for collecting it at the time of check-in or registration. b.- When you provide it to us by telephone, or through electronic means on our website htpps: // c.- When you provide it indirectly through one of our suppliers such as travel agencies. In any case, sensitive data must be ratified in writing at the time of check-in or registration or by means of its electronic signature by provisions of the (LFPDPPP).


5.- PURPOSE OF THE PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA: Personal data will be used to: a.- Necessary Purposes: * Provision of hosting service, including guest registration, transactions, billing, provision of personalized services. * Provision of restaurant services * Provision of services about events. * Obtain your credit card details, which will only be used as a guarantee of the reservation, issuing a charge only in case you do not make the reservation effective and for the payment of the services provided. * Comply with the legal provisions and comply with the contractual obligations arising from the commercial relationship between you and RUTA VERDE HOUSE & TOURS. * Provision of tourist and commercial services. b.- Accessory purposes: * Quality surveys of our services and suggestions for better our services, as well as information about promotions and events. * Memberships * Advertising and special newsletters. Regarding the information regarding the accessory purposes, we inform you that you can request not to receive advertising through the link that appears in each advertisement that you will receive, to be removed from the list of shipments of the marketing and advertising service, the same in the case of promotions, events and quality surveys.


6.- TRANSFER OF PERSONAL DATA: The Responsible may transfer their personal data to third parties for the purpose of the purposes included in the previous point, as well as in their case to companies belonging to the same corporate group, as well as to subcontracted third parties or related to the provision of services established in this notice , except those considered sensitive, which will not be transferred to third parties unless your express request, in writing and signed either in an autograph form or through your electronic signature.



7.- LIMITATION OF USE AND DISCLOSURE OF PERSONAL DATA To limit the use of your personal data, please send an email to: or written notification to the following address: ALAJUELA, TAMBOR, 400 meters north of the Villa San Ignacio hotel in which the Limitation to the use of your personal data.


8.- ARCO RIGHTS: In accordance with (LFPDPPP), you enjoy the rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition to Treatment, also known as “ARCO Rights”, which are briefly explained below: - Access: Right to access the personal data we hold about you, as well as to obtain information regarding the conditions in which your data is processed - Rectification: Right to rectify your personal data in case they are inaccurate or incomplete; - Cancellation: Right to request that we cancel the personal data we have about you, when you consider that they are not being treated in accordance with the principles and duties established by (LFPDPPP) and its Regulations.


9.- SECURITY MEASURES: The Responsible recognizes the value of your personal data and, where appropriate, sensitive, and therefore has implemented technical and organizational security measures that prevent its use for purposes other than those authorized in this PRIVACY NOTICE, as well as its alteration, loss, theft or access by unauthorized persons. 10.- AUTHORIZATION OF THE NOTICE OF PRIVACY and MODIFICATIONS: We inform you that if you, as the Holder of personal and sensitive data, do not authorize this PRIVACY NOTICE, you will NOT be able to continue with the process of registering or contracting any other service provided by our website. Likewise, we inform you that this PRIVACY NOTICE may be modified or updated, at any time, so we suggest you check it periodically. In case you do not agree with these modifications or updates, you must communicate this disagreement either at the following link htpps: // or personally at the address located at: Tambor, Alajuela, 400 meters at north of the Villa San Ignacio hotel.


Update date: August 29, 2019

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